How to restart Rails App with new changes

I am pretty new to Rails and definitely new to Rails on DH. I followed the tutorial here: to get the initial app setup and running. However, I created a new controller and view and updated routes.rb to make this the new default route. This works great on my dev box. So I uploaded the updated app to DH but I still get the generic out of the box Rails welcome page.

I found this wiki page: and it says:

“When the code for your Ruby on Rails application has changed, creating or modifying the file tmp/restart.txt in the Rails application’s root folder will tell Passenger to automatically restart the application.”

So I did a “touch tmp/restart.txt” and no change. What am I missing?

Now this can’t be that hard of a question. C’mon Dreamhost guys… help a brother out here. :slight_smile:

my friend luke at DH helped me out. I forgot to delete the default index.html from my app when I updated the DH server. silly me. :slight_smile: