How to repoint a DNS to a different IP address

I started working for a company which had several sites hosted by several different companies. Now we’re consolidating them in one location to use the same codebase, so I need to repoint my site,, which is fully hosted by the Dreamhost at this point to a new ip address. How can I do this?

thank you!

[] Start at Panel -> Domains -> Manage Domains.
] Remove the existing web hosting service on the domain in question to get rid of the Dreamhost IP address. (This doesn’t delete any files, it just makes us stop serving up the site.)
[*] Click “DNS” under the domain and add an A record with your new IP address.

That worked great, thank you. However, I have one more question - if I’m trying to setup 2 instances and - how can I point to a new IP?

Thanks again!

EDIT: I tried the following: went to the DNS and added another A record but with a test in the Name field. Is this correct?

Same as above, except put “test” into the name field when adding an A record rather than leaving it blank.

Hi, Andrew. Thank you for your help. I have one last question. I have discovered that the way i set it up right now - by not putting www in front of the name of my site in the DNS, I can see my site when I put in the url, but not I made a change and modified my initial record to have www in the name field, but it still only shows me the site if I
type in I have set it up about 40 minutes ago. Am I doing something incorrectly?

Thanks again!

You need to make a record the same as the test one, but put www in the name field.

(Think of as a subdomain of