How to reply from dream host support page

Suddenly 1 answer from dream host technical team not arrived in my outlook. So, I need to reply him from dream host “support page”.

But how can I do that?


Hi bobocat,
I know the email address. The fact is that, I can’t mail them directly from outlook or other email address of mine, because I am not member of dream host. My BOSS is the member & he is just paying. I am checking the IT system & trouble shooting. For that purpose I can log In using his ID.
So, when I reply from outlook, the mail bounced as I am not in their member list.
In that case I need to reply 1 problem of mine but can’t send mail from “Support” link. From there I just can read their answer.

Any help…

I see. If you have access to the panel through his ID, why not just create a user for yourself with the appropriate privileges? That would be easiest.

If you have panel access, then the support tab is near the bottom of hte left column, or log into the panel and then click here

Is it from support page or Manage Account page, I can create a new user like existing user:

Name Username Type Server Disk *Actions
ABC zxy shell kakuji 100 GB / 0 B

Is it?