How to remove www A name record from DNS list?

Hi guys, i recently replied to a post and thought it best if i asked my question as a new post, hope thats ok, appreciate ANY help on this…

Here’s the problem:

I have a domain which is already using the www prefix (lets call it it’s hosted/pointed elsewhere, but i want to add gmail to (which is not provided) so i hosted (without the www. prefix) here at dreamhost (i have a few other domains here btw, but i digress) but when i set the hosting/dns, dreamhost automagically points to and will not allow me to change the www A name record (in this case www A 6x.1x3.1xx.1x3)

Any thoughts on how i might go about removing the www A name record in dreamhost?, bearing in mind i have NO access to the directory at the other host but they DID state this (i use again in the quoted text below):

“The Primary Domain Name MUST NOT be a domain name which you are planning on using for email purposes. For eg., if your domain name is and you have or want to create email addresses of the type, DO NOT use as your Primary Domain Name. Instead use a subdomain like or, etc. This is because in the next step you will be adding a CNAME record for this domain name and technically a domain name for which a CNAME record is made, cannot be used for email purposes”.

It goes on to say in the next step:

"Point the Primary Domain Name you chose above ( to our server using a CNAME record pointing to (domain names changed for privacy guys). So if you chose as your Primary Domain Name then you should add the following CNAME record: IN CNAME

NOTE: It is important that you use a CNAME record above and NOT an A record".

I hope this helps describe my conundra more explicitly, it is doing my head in from this end LOL

One last pont, the domain has three prefixes already pointed to by a free nameserver and they work just fine, they are:

There is no entry for so i believe my real problem lays with the redirect to www by dreamhost.

Sorry it’s become a long winded email, i truly appreciate being able to talk about it though =)

Many thanks again.


And here’s the trick…

Ask support. LOL

I searched the forum and found this post ( ) which told me that non-editable DNS entries could only be “jiggled” by DH staff, so within a few hours my domain is hosted here and my is pointed to (and working) elsewhere.

Neat eh?