How to remove search bar on the right

Ok so i’ve signed up and intsalled Wordpress, and i’ve managed to upload a csv database but hit a bit of a wall.

My database results show up on the page ok, but the search bar and all the other stuff on the right is appearing over the top - link below

Basically I just want to get rid of all the overlapping text, so that it’s just the database there. Tried a few different plug ins/addons, but none of them seemed to work.

You need to change the layout of your theme. I don’t know a lot about CSS, so what I’m about to tell you may be crap. It looks like your container has a max width of 770px and your side bar takes up 34% of that. That table that has all your data in it is bigger than the available content area so it is overlapping your sidebar (which is where the CSS says it should be). If your theme doesn’t have a control that lets you change the size of the content area, you need to go to Appearance >> Edit CSS and make custom changes, change to a theme that has a layout control, or reformat your data so that the table isn’t as wide. To actually answer the question you asked, under the Customize menu there should be an option for Widgets. Click on search and there should be a link called “Remove”.