How to remove old Wordpress install from server


I have been spammed and was told by security service to “remove old WordPress install from the server” so:

Where do I go? What do I look for? Where is it?

I’m a total novice. My blog was not installed by me, so don’t know how it works.

Help much appreciated!


You will have to FTP to your server, go to the domain and delete the total folder from there. Also go to the Dreamhost panel and delete the database


Thank you! I know something more now, but not enough :wink: I found the right folder after logging into my FTP. So that’s good.

In Dreamhost panel I am given 4 databases, all with my domain name extended with 1, 2, 3 or 4. Three are dated the same day in 2010, one, two days later.

How do I determine which is the one database to delete?


We couldn’t really tell you without knowing more. Most wordpress installs would use a single database, perhaps it’s the latest one, but what would the other 3 be for? Perhaps they were failed attempts that were never deleted? perhaps they are for something else?

Just curious is your next question going to be how do I install wordpress? Might be a good idea if you found someone to hire, or a knowledgeable friend to help you. It’s true forums are for asking others for help and advice, but it seems like you need very basic help which is really outside the scope what’s offered here. People will be helpful but you will find they don’t really give you the detail your looking for, instead they will provide a very basic point in the right direction.