How to remove Dreamhost logo from webmail page?


i need to create costume webmail page for a company.
why i can’t remove the dreamhost logo from the webmail page?
is there away to create another page?
also the current webmail page is not secure, is there away to make it secure?

best regards

You would need to install your own webmail client in order to customise the interface to any great extent.

The secure login for the free webmail client is

and sadly this’s not possible with shared host plans.
looks like i’ll get a refund.
thank you

Well, there isn’t a Panel-embedded One-click Automated Solution that requires no thought at all – but it is possible if you know what you’re doing.

The company for which you allege to work likely don’t understand that (self-described) “web developers” are not system administrators. They’ll learn, eventually. Perhaps your amazing lack of effort will be their first indication that they should probably up their game.

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