How to remap a domain/subdomain

Hi I am wondering how to make subdomains.

I don’t want to host under it. I just want for example the following and are from default…

I want to point to a differnt IP… to point to anohter URL like

are these possible, i can only find within hte domains panel, to host a website under a new domain

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Go to the manage domains section in the control panel and click the DNS link next to the domain you want to add a record to. From there you can add a hostname, record type, and IP address.

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For both of them create A records if you want to point to IP addresses.

I don’t know of a way in DNS to forward all traffic to any port or in this case 8080.

Edit: Didn’t see you were trying to go to another host for 8080.

If you are trying to redirect to 8080 for web, do a redirect under via the add domain and set the redirect to me.
(do not use custom DNS for this unless the host you are trying to redirect doesn’t have any vhosts.
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