How to register a new domain for free

I know we can register a domain name for free if we also apply a web hosting plan.
My question is, how can i register a new domain for free if i abandon the old domain?

say, i have with a hosting plan.
now, i want to register, and i would like to abandon, is it possible that i register without pay?


Sort of.

What we give you is not so much “one free domain registration at a time” as it is “one free domain registration, renewal, or transfer per year” (since that’s what DreamHost pays for, ultimately). Once you have registered (or transferred) your free domain, any further registrations/renewals/transfers that year are at cost.

If you choose to not renew the registration of and let it expire at the end of the first year, you will be allowed to register a new domain for free after one year has passed from the original registration. There is no way to “abandon” the old domain sooner than that, though.

Is there any issues, letting the domain expire to register a new domain for free?

Besides that you lose the domain when it expires? :slight_smile: No.

Ok thanks. Moving my site over looks like a bit of work, possibly a bit over my head.

Just curious as to how long I have to wait to register my new domain?

On the “registrations” page in the panel, if the dopdown shows that you can renew the current domain for “1 year -$0.00” then you can either renew that domain, OR register a new one to use the next freebie that way. If you register a new one instead, then when you go back and refresh the registrations page, it will show the old domain is no longer renewable for “1 year -$0.00” instead it will show “1 year - 11.95”

ANOTHER option that you have, if you don’t want to wait, is to pay to register, then in a year you can use your freebie to “pay 0.00” for the renewal.