How to redirect only the home page


I currently have wordpress installed on one domain with a static frontpage ( and a number of subpages and a blog ( I recently purchased a new domain and I want the main domain (static front page) to redirect to the new site. However, I want the blog as well as all the other subpages to remain the same as an archive. How can I do this? I saw the option to redirect in the dreamhost webpanel under “manage domains” but I want to make sure that it won’t spoil the blog and other subpages.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Setting a domain to redirect affects the whole domain. If you only want to redirect the front page, you’ll need to set that up within the domain — probably the easiest way of accomplishing this would be to replace the static front page you’ve got with a new one that uses a META refresh to send users to the new domain.