How to redirect domain

I have a domain set up here and just registered another domain name that I want to redirect to my current domain. The new one is just a longer version of the site name so I don’t want to create separate content. I just want people who type in the long version to find my site.

I looked in the Wiki and it says it can be done, but not how and where to do it.

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

There are several ways, but this is easy and efficient.
In your new site, you could put in an index.html something like this:

More info at


Or you can just set it up as a redirected domain in the DreamHost control panel.

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Lensman, your suggestion is better than mine. I wonder what else I’ve missed in the panel.

Thanks Lensman, but where? I had been through the panel and the Wiki before I posted.

I’m an advanced computer user but admittedly a rookie when it comes to managing a website.



Thanks to you as well oodways. It never hurts to have more than one perspective on how to solve a problem.


If you’ve already added hosting for the site, it’s under Domains>Manage Domains. In the table where you see all your domains and subdomains, there’s a column for “Web Hosting”. In this column is a button named “Edit”. (note that there are “Edit” buttons in other columns, you want the one in the "Web Hosting column)

Now you’re at the screen where you’re editing the hosting for your domain or subdomain. Towards the top it should say: “Now editing the hosting for mydomain.tld:”

On this page there are several sections. The way it works is that you can choose how to host the domain and then click on the blue button in the section. You want the second section called “Redirected”. The button for the section is called “Redirect this domain now!”

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Lensman! I’ve been out of town for the weekend and just saw your response.

You gave me exactly what I needed to find and understand it. :slight_smile:


I tried this on an issue I am having, it worked great with both domains were in the same directory. But when I tried it from a domain on one host to a testing server directory on another it didn’t work. It gave me the directory location rather than the domain name in the URL

Any ideas?.. I’m trying to get around changing the name servers and having email down for a bit while it propogates.

What exactly did you do?

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