How to redirect "cloaked"

First time on Dreamhost and I’m wondering if it’s possible to redirect a domain hosted on Dreamhost to an external address, but still see the original URL in the browser. On other hosting services I’ve used there has been a “cloack” check box. It seems to me that the “cloaking” function on Dreamhost is only ment for sites hosted on Dreamhost?

DreamHost cloaking will work the same way. It’s essentially a Frame that contains the other site. The URL will say what you want, but won’t change as they navigate the cloaked site. It’ll always show, though the links will give up the true location of the site.

Here’s the wiki entry on various domain options:


I still can’t get this to work.

First I just tried "cloaking"
Domain to cloak:
URL to display:

When I click the “Cloak this domain now” button I get: “Can’t add domain: you don’t have permission to add to”

I then first set up redirect:
Domain to redirect:
Redirect to URL:
I click the “redirect to this domain now” and that works. I click Edit in the Manage Domains list and now it’s only the URL to Display and Title in Browser field I can edit:
URL to display:
Title in browser: mydomain
When I click the “Cloak this domain now” button I get:
Invalid URL: A domain can’t cloak itself

That’s a shame really … the internet really needs more “” sites, cause there’s just not enough of them around as it is to help me find stuff with Google. :wink:


Yeah, I signed up for a Dreamhost account just to redirect to sedoparking…

I want to redirect to my computer at home since I’m in the process of learning Joomla and suspected that there was a problem at my end since I couldn’t get it to work. was used as an example and if I can get this to work there will soon be one less sedoparking page on the Internet.

He he he I’m glad you have a good sense of humor about my teasing you over that! :wink:

I’d like to offer you more help but, honestly, I’m still a little confused about what it is your are trying to do (some days I am slower than on other days). I’m not saying that you are confused, but so many people use terms like “redirect” and “cloak” to mean different things that I sometimes can’t sort it out.

When you say “redirect your computer at home”, what exactly is it you want to have happen? Do you want your domain “hosted at DreamHost” to point to you home computer?


“Do you want your domain “hosted at DreamHost” to point to you home computer?”

Yes. When the user enters, I want it to say that in the address field and not http://123.456.785.10/joomladev/

My Norwegian host (for my .no domain) lets me set up “cloaked redirect” like that and I hoped the same thing was possible with Dreamhost.

I think what you are trying to do is actually a candidate for modifying an “A” record. From the DreamHost Wiki article on “A record”:

“In DNS parlance, an A record is used to point a hostname to an IP address. For example, your web server might have an IP address of If you want the hostname “webserver” to point to this address, you would use an A record in the zone file for your domain.”

IIRC the “cloaking” and “redirect” options in the control only let you “point” stuff using other domain names, not actual IP addresses.


Ok, my bad. Forget about the IP, I can point it to another domain. There’s a program on my machine that updates my dynamic ip on, so what i want is my Dreamhost hosted to point to (but the user should only see in his address field)

This is why I used Sedoparking as an easy to understand example. If I can get Sedo to work, at least I know what I’m trying to do, works with Dreamhost.