How to Redirect a Domain

Hi, everyone!

I am in the process of rebranding my website, which includes a new domain name. My current site is on WordPress and hosted through DreamHost. I’ll be moving all of the content from my old domain to the new domain, which will also be on WordPress and hosted through DreamHost.

So, I’ll need my old domain to redirect to the new domain. However, I have NO IDEA how to do all of this! I came across this tutorial from DreamHost, but is this all I really need to do to set-up the redirect?

Is there anything else I’m missing? Also, if following the steps in that tutorial are what I need to do… Will that redirect individual blog post links? For example, I want someone who clicks on a blog post link on Pinterest to be redirected to that exact same post on the new site.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! I’m keeping my fingers crossed this move goes smoothly, but it’s not something I’m experienced with. Thank you! :slight_smile:

You will need to do this using .htaccess

Thank you! This isn’t something I have experience with, so all of the tutorials I’ve read on how to do this are way over my head. Looks like I’ll be hiring someone to make the change for me!

There are actually several approaches you can use to achieve your need, and not all require .htacess All will result in a bit of downtime.

I would first apply full hosting to the the new domain using the same ‘user’ as old domain, then wait for the dreamhost “coming soon” page to appear on the new domain. Since it’s wordpress the next step is to change the URL in the WP settings which will break the old site and give an error message. At the point you can rename the directories under the user to swap the sites, once that’s done then the site will be up under the new domain. You can then use the re-direct tool in the dreamhost panel to redirect old domain to new domain.

and the last issue got left out in my post above…

Your WP database stores links as absolute links… You can search and replace via phpMyAdmin or there is also at least one plugin that can be used to update your database. Basically search database for olddomain, replace with new domain.

I had the same problem and I used the htaccess to fix it.