How to recover password when email not accessible?

Help, please.

I’ve done a stupid: I’ve crashed my laptop, losing both my DreamHost panel password, and the password to the email account associated with my DreamHost account.

Without those passwords, I can’t use the normal reset mechanism, since I can’t read the email address that the reset would be sent to.

Apparently DreamHost has no inbound phone number for support. I’ve tried filling out the form on the ‘contact’ page for lost passwords, but I’ve not heard back. I assume that form just results in a reset being sent by email.

I’ve tried sending an email to abuse@, but haven’t heard back. I’m now 3 days without access and my main domain is about to expire.

Does anyone know a way to reach DreamHost tech support to get a password reset, either sent to a different email address than my account email, or provided over the phone?



I don’t think forgot password automatically sends a reset to the email on file, I think it does reach a human. Now in your message you need to be clear that you are contacting from an alternate email address, and that you can verify any info associated to the account.

Unfortunately dreamhost probably gets more scams than legit requests for password help via that form. By scam in this case I mean things like disgruntled former employees, spouses divorcing, etc. bottom line if they smell scam in your request, they likely won’t respond.

Well, if they don’t respond at all, I’m going to lose a lot of email and a domain and they’re going to lose a customer when I can’t log in to pay my annual bill.

There must be someway to approach them so they’ll at least get back to me and give me a chance to demonstrate who I am. Hasn’t anybody else had this problem?

I can’t think of anything but the their Contact since you can’t log into the panel anymore.

I hope you disabled auto-renew in your account.

Yes they have. Search the forum, there are others. That is why I gave you very specific advice.