How to purchase more RAM for existing DreamCompute Instance



We have used one DreamComputer instance for several years as our production server for a number of web applications and sites. The 2GB of RAM is not always enough. Our database server has crashed several times after running out of RAM. I have added RAM allocation to that server…but we only have 2GB.

I do not see any pricing information on adding RAM to an existing DreamCompute instance. How much more a month would it cost to add 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, or 6GB to our existing 2GB?

Thank you in advance for answering our question.

-Beau Sanders


Hi Beau,

You can increase the resources for your DreamCompute instance by resizing it to a different pre-defined “flavor.” Here’s a guide on how to do so -

The price of the server will be charged at the new rate based on the size you choose. So if you upgrade from the 1 CPU and 2GB memory gp1.supersonic flavor to the 2 CPU and 4GB memory gp1.lightspeed memory, your new hourly price would be $0.04/hr (or $24 if run 600+ hours per month).

The hourly and monthly max prices are here -


Justin, thank you for your prompt and professional response. This is exactly the information I needed.

I have one more concern on this topic before we pull the trigger on thus upgrade.

When resizing our DreamCloud instance, will the IP addresses we are currently assigned and using be changed?

We invested a lot of time cleaning up the online reputation for the IP addresses we are currently assigned. I do not what to discover after resizing that that work has to start over again. I doubt that is the case, but I am checking with you to be sure.

As always, thank you for your support.

-Beau Sanders


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