How to pull statistics for analog



Hi. I would like to pull the log files for some of my domains down to my workstation to work with. Are the raw logs accessible to our SSH accounts? If so, where can I find them?

Background: I am not able to access the analog statistics on a few of the web sites that I host. It looks like WordPress updated the .htaccess to forward everything to index.php, so the http://mysite/stats request results in a 404 error. It’s not a crisis because I can update the .htaccess to ignore the /stats directory. But I would have to do that everytime I upgrade WordPress and for every site that I’m hosting. So I was wondering if I could copy the logs down and run analog locally.



Yep, they are accessible and you can access them at /home/yourusername/logs/domainname.tld/. :wink:

From that statement, I assume you are upgrading WP via the “one-click” installer - you are correct that is cumbersome in that circumstance. One advantage to upgrading WP “manually” is that you can easily avoid this happening in many instances by just not changing the .htaccess (unless, of course, the “upgrade requires it”)



Doh! There they are. It looks like they are created daily. I can pull down ~/logs//[ae].log.YYYY-MM-DD.

I’m being lazy and sticking with the one-click installs. Since you mention it, I will see if I can install one copy of WP and have multiple sites use it. That’s one of the things that I like about Typo3.