How to protect public folder from being viewed when site is down

Hi everyone
I run a django web app.
All my static files (css, js) are in the “public” folder as recommended by dreamhost.
I recently noticed that when the server is down (unrelated to my site), anyone navigating to my site has full browsing access to my public folder.

My question is how do I protect my public folder from being accessible when the server is down? Can this be solved with an htaccess file?

Thanks for your help

One way is to install an index.html file in each folder you wish to stop public access. Put anything you wish as a message. Example:

<html><head><title>Access  Denied</title></head>
<body><br><br><h1>Access  Denied</h1>

Another way is to add this to you root level .htaccess file:

Options -Indexes

Note: Either method will block directory (folder) browsing. Each can be used independently or together (for that overkill satisfaction!)

keyplyr - thanks so much. The index.html solution seems straight forward. How would I test that this is working?

Just use your browser

(replace with correct info)