How to preview site before transfering domain name

I have taken over an already existing website, and I will be transferring the domain over to my dreamhost acct.

before I do that, I need to make sure everything is working locally. I have uploaded all my files, set up my database, etc. only, I can’t see if it’s working.

is there a way to see the front end (what the average web user will see) without transferring the DNS over to dreamhost?

I don’t want any down time. as soon as the dreamhost hosted site is up and working, I will transfer the DNS over.

This might be useful:

Set up a subdomain (Control panel =-> domains. You can use and point it to the actual domain on Dreamhost. The “” url is available to all for this purpose. Note that it is plural - not a type.

I use this all the time to build a site before pointing the actual domain to it.