How to Prevent the Duplicate Page on SERP?



I have a trouble with my site “Fontvilla” when i index the pages of my site through google search console then several pages are duplicated.
Means two pages with the same “URL” and Title.
Pleas can anyone tell me how to fix it .


Have you tried to disvow the duplicate pages on Google Search Console? Even I faced the same issue for my Yuvagasm Media website.


Certainly do not use the disavow tool on your own pages. That is not what it is designed for and it will likely cause unintended results.

There must be a difference in those URLs. They cannot be exactly the same. Possibly the protocol (http or https) is different or there may be a trailing space that’s unnoticeable.


Yes, Dis-vow function just work temporary not permanent. I want permanent Remove for SERP.


Google Search Console has a Removal Tool but make sure you are removing a unique, unwanted URL and not a URL that you think is a duplicate. Again, there can only be one URL the same.