How to prepare a CPanel backup file for DreamHost?

My erratic old host does have CPanel. I want to move the site to DreamHost. DreamHost has a CPanel importer, which I have used successfully before. but this time I have to prepare my own CPanel backup file. There are a number of sites around on the general subject of “How to backup your Wordpress site using CPanel,” but the ones I have found so far seem specific to a particular host (not mine) and reference capabilities which I do not see, or which do not work, where I am.

(1) So my main question is the subject line: How do I prepare a CPanel backup that the DreamHost importer can read smoothly? (DH tech support responded unhelpfully, but I hope someone here will be able to direct me.)

(2) Meanwhile, I have been regularly backing up using the WP tool. It generates a relatively small XML file, about 1 mb, which can’t possibly be my entire site but seems to have the posts. So my 2nd question is: If I just use the WordPress backup file to restore my site, what am I likely missing?

If you don’t see a backup option on your current host, it’s possible that they don’t support account backups. (I believe the common name of the required module is “cpBackup”.) If they don’t have it, you will not be able to use the cPanel Importer utility — there is no supported way to prepare a compatible backup manually. You will need to copy the contents of your account across on your own.

Thank you Andrew F. I used one of the backup plugins which moved much of the site for me, manually copied the rest, and got some tech assistance from a colleague who is more sophisticated in these matters. I expect to be happier here at DreamHost where I can get backups prepared for me.

Personally, I always use something ‘extra’ for backups, besides what a host offers. It’s safer that way for everyone.