How to point our site on AWS to dreamhost URL?

HI all, newbie here. A company has developed our website on AWS (Amazon). It is time to point the site towards our URL, but I am really not clear how to do this. Is there any document which shows how to do this? I’ve looked at the Wiki, but cannot find anything specific regarding this.

Here are all the instructions I have been given by the web developer. Do I do it all via Dreamhost, or does some of it happen through AWS?

“Basically you will need to use NS servers of the domain provider and specify 2 “A” records. You will have to set up record A for domain itself and record A for www record. Both records will point to same IP address of the server where site is hosted. I will send you the IP of the server tomorrow.”

Any suggestions greatly appreciated - thanks!

This page is what you need, I believe:

My understanding is that your not to change nameservers but to create A-records.

What is set up on the domain currently? (Or just say the domain name and I’ll look at DNS for your domain)

Hi there, thank you both for your responses. For some reason I can’t log in under my original username, so had to create new one. Weird problem now is that we’ve changed our A records, but the www A record keeps reverting back to old Dreamhost IP. Unfortunately I can’t put our web site on here, as it is not supposed to be live yet. But yes, Lakerat, I think we are just changing our A records (??). :–P

That’s why I asked how your site was currently set up. You must have multiple www records.