How to point existing domain to Dream Press site?

I have a domain with an existing registrar. I do not want to move it or change the name servers. I want to simply update the @ record to point to my dream press server. I followed the documentation but it says to go to the DNS tab under site management. That tab does not exist.

How can I point my existing domain to my site?

You change the DNS record at your current registrar.

That is part of the solution.

You first have to add a parked domain. Then you get a new tab when you go to “add domain” which allows you to select the parked domain. After that point, the server knows when requests come in with that host name to use your site.

After you add “Full Hosting” for a domain, then the DNS link is visible on the Manage Website (or the old Manage Domain) page, no?!/list-view

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