How to point domain name to my web host somewhere else?


I took a look around in my account, and at some apparently old instructions for doing this, and it was inadequate.

Could someone please tell me how I can transfer my domain to my web hosting company?


If you want to transfer your domain’s hosting away from us here at DreamHost, just follow these directions:


Thank you. I went to my dreamhost web panel, clicked on
"manage domains," but did not see any DNS link anywhere on
the page. None. I did see my domain name listed there.
I did see that it is possible to buy hosting at dreamhost,
but I already bought hosting somewhere else.

Where can I find the DNS link?


Can you give me your domain so I can take a look for myself? :slight_smile:

Panel > Domains > Manage Domains

You’ll see either an Edit button or an Add Hosting button.

Click whichever one is available and on the next page scroll right down to the bottom and click the Host DNS only! button.

Thank you very much, I was able to get the nameserver information.

When I get back to the Manage Domains page, do I enter the new nameserver values
from my new hosting company on the line titled: Nameserver 4, under:
“Change’s whois nameservers”?

And then do I click on the blue “set theses nameservers for” button?

Btw, my domain name is:


Now that you’re DNS Only, delete the existing DreamHost nameservers and replace them with your new host’s nameservers, starting from the “Nameserver 1” line.

When you’re done, click “Set these nameservers for!” and you’re all set!

Fill in the text boxes starting at the top with the new host’s nameservers, overwriting any old ones.

I’ve tried that, and I’m getting an error message:

Error: domain name must end with a letter or number

It does end with a letter or number!

I still see our DreamHost nameservers in your panel – what are the new nameservers you’re trying to use? I can try to change them myself for you and see if that error pops up, and if it does, I’ll look into why that’s happening.

They are:

Thanks DH_Elle!

I was able to set your nameservers without an error! Your new DNS records are now propagating, and you will be able to access the site from anywhere once networks worldwide recognize those records. The time this takes can vary (sometimes within a few hours, sometimes within a couple of days). You can read more on DNS propagation here:

If you don’t see the site yet give it a bit of time, or try these in the meantime:

Thank you!

You’re welcome! If you need anything else, just let us know! :slight_smile: