How to phpbb3 persistent connection


After I read in Dreamhost forums, I thought turning on persistent connections for my phpbb3 forum is a good way to take the load on my database.

The problem is, I could not find any info how to do it.

There is one line in includes/db/mysql.php where it goes like

I wonder if $persistency should be “true” instead of “false”?

or I saw someone edited their config file and added this:

//Establish Persistent Connection $DatabaseLink = MySQL_pconnect(DATABASE_HOST, DATABASE_USER, DATABASE_PASSWORD) or die (MySQL_error());

Are they any true?

or how should I do it?

Thank you,

Using persistent connections will not affect your board’s performance significantly.

I dont care actually if my board works faster or not. All I want is to have my board spend less resources in my shared hosting environment.

Same thing still applies — persistent connections don’t make your software faster, nor do they reduce its resource usage.

Oh… I thought they made you use less number of connections, thus spending less resources :confused: