How to optimize website speed fastly in 2020?



Hey, I want to know how to speed up my website speed on the latest ways I have don’t any knowledge about WordPress just suggest me a plugin or you can visit my site. to let me know clearly


How to optimize website speed?

• Purge plugins that you don’t really need (the fewer the better.)

• Optimise all images

• Reduce render-blocking resources

• Reduce the impact of third-party code (don’t use it.)

• And most importantly, make sure your site is on a server that supports the HTTP/2 protocol


Just focus on these things you can optimize website speed just like i did the same for mynordstrom

  1. Compress Images on Your Websites
  2. Use Content Delivery Network
  3. Minify Website’s CSS and JS Files
  4. Use a Light Theme for a WordPress Website
  5. Uninstall Unnecessary Plugins
  6. Install ‘Total Cache Plugin’
  7. Fix Broken Links
  8. Buy And Install WP-Rocket (It would fix all these problems which acting as resistance)


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