How to .... my own wapiedia like site

I would like to create a mobile website for the purpose of a database of directions to shippers and recievers for big trucks (tractor trailers). It should have the ability to expand to other things like which Walmarts will allow big trucks to park there.

My idea is to use mediawiki to hold the info. I have used the wapedia site from my smart phone and would like to be able to serve my site that way as well. In addition it would be great if I could enter info from my phone also.

I know that Mediawiki is a one click install from Dreamhost, but what about the Wapedia style funtionality? Where can I find info about the software that makes a wiki into a wapedia? If it had the capability to be a pay/subscription site in the future that would be a plus

I have a jommla based site with manbots and very minor html customization, but that is about as tech as I have gotten so far. Something simpleĀ® would be best.

Lastly is a Wapedia/Wiki a good plan? Or is there a better way?

Thanks for bearing with me,