How to move stuff from one domain to another domain on same DreamHost account

I am contemplating moving everything from domain A to domain B as part of a corporate rename. Both domains are hosted on the same DreamHost account. We currently have the following on domain A:

a) Web site files
b) Google Apps
c) E-mail accounts (via GMail)
d) Announce list
e) ZenPhoto

Can anybody recommend the best way of doing this? I can easily copy everything for a) from one directory to another. For b) I assume I need to setup Google Apps and for Google Docs and Google Sites I probably have to manually get everything over there. For c) I figure I have to setup the e-mail addresses again - no problems - we’d want to set up forwarders from the original addresses anyway. For d) Asking everyone to resubscribe to a new list is a pain but it could be done. For e) I’m not sure if there is an export and import option in ZenPhoto but it doesn’t appear so.

Google Apps lets you set up “Domain aliases”, meaning you can have multiple domains mirror your main domains for all Apps services.

ZenPhoto probably has a variable in config.php for your site URL (wild guess, I prefer Menalto’s “Gallery”).

As far as d) and e) go, DreamHost Support can switch those over for you.