How to move my phpbb to Dreamhost?

Hi all,

I want to move my site with its small phpbb forum to dreamhost (same domain). I’ve changed my nameservers already and exported my database info from the phpmyadmin at my old host, and I’ve also saved the files.

My phpbb goes on a subdomain, and I’ve also created that on dreamhost and put in a new phpbb database.

But, I can’t seem to get to phpmyadmin on dreamhost, I go to the and get my homepage instead. Eek!

What do I do to get my phpbb moved to dreamhost? I’ve read tutorials for transfering a phpbb to a new server, but dreamhost is so much harder to use than my old one, I can’t seem to figure anything out!

I’d really appreciate any help you can give. :slight_smile:


Hmm… Intersting…

First start by making sure you are correctly typing in the host name that you set up for the mysql database. You can view this by going to Googides > Mysql and then finding your database and then clicking the big blue hyper link across from the database name.

If working properly it should promt you for a user/pass and then take you to the phpmyadmin. If this doesn’t work… is this host name only used for the mysql, or did you set it up under domains as well?

if it’s really only your mysql host name and you’re not getting phpmyadmin by your site you need to contact support. If you are going to that hostname and getting an error saying it doesn’t exists, then you need to wait a bit longer while your host name propigates acorss the DH DNS servers.

One the other hand, if you’re desperate to get this up and going and don’t want to wait for support you might be succesful in dumping the data in via telnet/ssh. search the k-base for help with this. But this might not even work if something is wonky with the database setup.

I’m sorry that your expirences with DH so far have not been smooth. I think it takes just a bit to get used to the feel of DH’s panel and the way things work, but you’ll get the hang of it fast and like it. (or at least I hope so!)


DH has had some problems with the database, it should be fixed now. It may be necessary to create an empty database first, then you should beable to upload your data into the database. If no database has been created, phpmyadmin may not work.

I was reading phpbb’s forum, and one thing that came up is that porting the forum from one site to another, you may need to relink the messages. I guess this would be done in the database itself. So I thought I would give you the heads up, just in case.