How to move email to DH?

I am about to set up a client’s site on DH. The URL is pointing to his old domain where there are 20 email addresses. The idea is to move these 20 email accounts to DH without loss of messages.

How is this possible? Is there a better way than to do the following:

  1. Point the existing domain name to DH
  2. Set up the URL at DH
  3. Create new email addresses
  4. Configure the email clients

The almost serious antidote to workaholsim

#2 and 3 need to come first. That way the mailboxes will be up and waiting when you do Step 1.

The trick is that due to DNS propagation time, mail will still arrive seemingly randomly on one server or the other. If podunk ISP takes 5 days to get the DNS update, it’ll continue sending mail to your old server. superfast ISP may get the DNS update in a day and send mail to your new server.

I suggest that you set up a second mail account on your email client that points to the raw machine name here at dreamhost, and update the first mail account to point to the raw machine name at your old host. NewAddress will fetch from, as displayed in Account Status in the panel. You’ll need to do a reverse IP lookup for your old host’s mail server to get the raw machine name for OldAddress.