How to move domain from one DH account to another?

I just added a second code monster account, and would like to “load balance” by moving several domains to the the new account.

How does one best do this with minimum of hassle/disruption. It’s a bit confusing since with the DNS servers being the same it isn’t a transfer in the traditional sense.

I don’t want to screw stuff up by experimenting, so is there a tutorial that explains how this is accomplished, so I know what to expect before I start messing with stuff.



If you want it to get moved with a minimum of hassle / disruption, ask support to do it for you.

If you try to do it yourself, it will almost definitely get messed up.


Thanks for the quick reply. When you say “ask support” do you mean I should email or call with this request?

And how much info will they need? For instance, do I simply say, “Please move domain from Jem’s 1st CodeMonster account to Jem’s 2nd CodeMonster account?” And will they migrate all associated data and email accounts?

It seems this might be a common enough request that it would be worth having someone write a knowledgebase article explaining the process, and what does or does not need to be attended to before and after the request goes in to “Support”

Also, if I had already “created” the domain on my 1st account, but not yet put it in to active use, could I simply delete the domain… then recreate it assigning it to the 2nd DH account? I’d have to re upload any data files of course, and setup email accounts again as well, right?



Email, or submit a support request from the support section of the web panel. We don’t do phone support.

That’s all the info they’d need. If the account you’re moving the domain to has a different contact email, you will need to authorize the move / submit support requests from both.

That would probably be the easiest and cleanest solution for all parties involved (since downtime isn’t really a problem).

However, after you’ve deleted the domain, it /may/ not really be deleted from our system, and you may still have to contact support before you’re able to add the domain on the second account.

will, how do things like email and stats play into this sort of switch?

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If we move stuff for you, it should all work. Notice that I said “should”.

Also, there are certain cases where it’s not really possible for us to safely move a domain from one account to another - in that case, we probably wouldn’t do it for you, or would require you to just delete and re-add everything. Overall, it’s not something we do a lot, and it’s something I’d recommend avoiding unless you either are not worried about potential problems, or unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Shared -> dedicated moves we do a fair bit, and those usually go pretty smoothly (though moving back to shared can be somewhat tricky).

Depending on the situation, there may be fees involved in merging accounts, moving domains from one account to another, etc.

<<Depending on the situation, there may be fees involved in merging accounts, moving domains from one account to another, etc.>>

This is the response I got when I emailed support for the same reason:

“It is possible to do this, but if we are going to do it for you there is a charge of 100 dollars minimum and then 100 /hour for the move. You can do this by simply deleting the domain from one account and adding it to another account if you wish, but there may be a small outage doing it that way. If there is anything else I can help you with just let me know.”

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