How to move blog from to and mirror?

How to move blog from to and mirror?

I’ve been populating a new blog at which was conceived of DreamHosts wonderful automatic setup and accompanying instructions. I’m very ignorant regarding web managing and databases, etc, but have a technical background so hopefully I’m not a hopeless case…

Ideally, I’d like to move what I have at to (not, and then have “mirror” whatever I do/add at (at least until the is inspired otherwise).

Unfortunately, I don’t know what other information I can give you that you’d need to help me. I already “have” both and so I don’t need to “get” either. I think I just backed-up my sql database for the blog.

Also, I’ll probably need pretty close-to step-by-step advice to get through this, but am not opposed to learning my way through this process with some direction.

there’s a mirror option in the hosting setup, isn’t there?

you could copy all your files to directory then change the settings to point to the same database… changing from /blog just requires a little htaccess rewrite… something like RewriteRule (.*) /blog/$1 [NC]

if you are using wordpress, there’s a setting to tell it that the physical location is different to the URL

Placing a Wordpress install at multiple different relative paths (at /blog/ and / in this case) generally doesn’t work well, as Wordpress stores relative paths internally.