How to move a domain between accounts

I have asked this question and been given a link that shows some info on how to migrate a domain from one dreamhost account into another, the details can be seen here…

I have an empty account and then create a new hosted domain called

I then proceed to ftp up all files, create new databases and re-upload backups into this new set of mysql databases…

I get all that :slight_smile:
Now whats not clear at all in this is how i then change that newly created account of ( and change it to

If i dont know how to change the details to then how will people view the site?

Yes, also i know i need to at some point delete off my first account, then re create…

Many thanks

Hi Carl, congratulations on doing lots of work already! Moving all that stuff takes a lot of concentration and focus. The next part require quite some focus and concentration, too, as you need to move domain registration from the old account to the new account (if I understand correctly your situation). Your old account owns the domain, and you want the new account to be the owner instead. Once the New Account is made the owner of the domain name, your visitors will be directed to the files and databases you have setup in the new account.

The documentation you linked says at the end:

I think this is the article you need next is this one:

Let us know if you hit roadblocks or succeed :slight_smile: Feedback to the documentation is also appreciated (if it’s not clear, how would you correct it?)

Hi, yes thats pretty much the situation.
To add though the domain name itself is registered externally and Nameserver settings are set to Dreamhost, so its my understanding that nothing needs to be done with the domain name itself.

So to clarify, lets say this.

Has a fully hosted domain added (
Has/Holds all files and databases.

Currently has no hosting accounts, mysqls or files.

when someone views they see the files in OLDACCOUNT

I need to move everything OFF OLDACCOUNT into NEWACCOUNT.

The way in which that set of instructions tell you to do this should really now not be the only option, again the way it says is that you need to do the migration process twice…


Seems like a lot of work, whereas if a staff member wanted to do this server side there would be so much less risk with finding out that a backup failed for some reason.

and after all, i just supplied Dreamhost with a new customer so i dont think having a staff member handle the migration would be to much to ask as its internal.

Anyway… I will get there, i am not new to the processes needed , but at this moment there are a couple of things that have blown me away recently…

Its the lack of speed my tickets have been answered recently is worrying, whats happening there guys?

If you have access to billing please give them a nudge on ticket number 7674173, I need them to remove the referrer details on the new account before i can migrate, current time is 18hours and 23 minutes

Cheers Carl