How to monitoring CPU and RAM


How can we monitoring the usage of CPU and RAM at our VPS server?
There is some software for this?
I would like to know the hardware usage during the day.

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Fabio Posser

You may want to run a monitoring service on your VPS, something like munin, nagios, (open source) or new relic and similar (software as a service). These will give you full coverage of what is happening on your server and notify you if things go down or reach critical levels.

Ok, thanks.
Which one do you recommend?
Let’s say, which is the most simple to put in work.
I´m not expert at unix system but I can find how to install on the internet maybe.

If you’re not an expert, I’d recommend something that is run by someone else. They cost a bit but you get no headaches from them. and are fairly affordable. New Relic is the Ferrari of the app monitoring systems, a bit more expensive but a lot more powerful.

If you want to get your hands dirty, and are among the favorites.

Thanks, nice informative discussion. keep it on.