How to modify max file size upload limit on shared hosting

Im not exactly a PHP programmer, but I need help as dreamhost doesnt provide support for php issues.

When I run my info.php file, it shows me that my max file size upload limit is 7MB. I need to know how I can change this to 70 MB as Im running a music upload/ management site.

Im using a shared hosting platform and dont know anything about root/ shell access etc.

Is there an easy way to do this?

Here’s the magic wand I used:

Hey Thanks alot Sdayman!

However, I installed it, updated my new php.ini file to reflect 60MB as the max file size upload, but it still shows the old Max size limit when I run it under :

am I updating the right file?

I have this setup with a 120 MB limit and 36000 timeouts - the largest file I can upload is 64999 KB still though. Anyone know if there is a limit in the php53.cgi binary?

Nothing hard-coded that I’m aware of. You may be running into memory limitations, though.

In general, if you’re accepting uploads that large, a web browser may not be the best place to accept them. Most browsers give little to no feedback on the progress of large uploads, so it’s impossible for a user to tell whether the upload is running and/or how long it’ll take to finish.