How to migrate website?


Can anyone tell me how to migrate website from one server to another? Plz explained in detailed.

This depends entirely on the kind of website you have (i.e., HTML, or a CMS like WordPress) and what your skill level is. This is easiest using the command line. Are you comfortable using a CLI, or would you prefer to do everything via FTP?

I’m afraid that’s too broad as a question for us to give you a useful answer. There are books written on the topic and consultants who make their living doing what you ask. There is a lot of reading material for you in the knowledge base, too. There are guides there on how to transfer a domain, how to copy files using sftp, setup a database, migrate WordPress-based sites and more.

So, if you want to help on a public forum, please spend more time describing exactly what your site looks like, what technology does it use, where is it hosted currently, how you manage it there… basically, share with others on this forum what you are trying to do in details because there are plenty of books that will answer your very wide question.