How to map user to a dir in ftp

Hey, I can’t find in the control panel where you map a specific user to access only one place in the ftp.

Currently, I had user1 control in ftp
But I wanted user2 to control in ftp

So I changed it to user2 by selecting it in the dropdown box.
So it made the directory in the user2 ftp. I had to reupload the site.

Now what I want is to map the ftp access of user1 to the /templates/ directory from campusinteractive which user2 has ftp access.

I tried finding where to do it but I failed :S Might be a simple thing who knows

Thx in advance

I should of used Remap Sub-Directories to transfer the site but I didn’t.

Still didn’t find how to assign that user to that specific directory.

As DH said “Basically, one FTP user can have access to multiple domains, but each domain can only be accessed by one FTP user… IE, each domain is owned by exactly one FTP user. One FTP user can own multiple domains though!”

Oh well I will do this then :slight_smile: