How to manage phpbb3: bbcodes and to update the version

Hi, I’m not sure if I post this in a right forum,

I have install phpbb3 with 1-click-install

my website is and the phpbb3 is on

whenver I go to Admin panel on the general page it says that my version isn’t up to date.

I tried to look if I can access to the ftp locate of the phpbb but I couldn’t find it and I figured out that on 1-click-install said the version will be update automatically.

but if you can give an advice how to update it manually

my second question is when I go to and I want to make a post

it says that bbcodes is off

how do I turn it on?

and how I can make all the “Font type” “Text size” and all the html codes and youtube codes to be able to post in the “post a new thread”

same like this forum that you have all the option of colors and text font and stuff

Please give me some advice since I tried to search but couldn’t get the right answer for this :confused:



I tried to look if I can access to the ftp locate of the phpbb but I couldn’t find it…

You might have chosen the “Simple” installation method. Better to use “Custom” or install it manually.

it says that bbcodes is off… how do I turn it on?

Lots of information here:

chock dee na :wink:

Thanks for the reply

now I did add all the bbcodes in the page you given it to me in Admin Panel of PHPBB

now my question is how do I move the phpbb that I have install it automatically to make it manually so I can play around with it easy?

like just to move no need to remove or of them and do again :confused:

I’ve figured out about to get it manual that is the only way we have to remove the automatic one and install it manual

after that we will get the PHPBB3 install and with that version (manual) it makes my bbcodes turn on automatically

and I got the url like this

which is not bad at all :slight_smile:

deemak :smiley:

hehe I just knew that you are thai :stuck_out_tongue: