How to manage files and edit php

I am just getting started with DreamHost and puzzled about how to create/manage folders and use an online editor to edit simple php programs.

At my previous hosting site there was a control panel that made folder management and notepad like online editing a simple site supported set of tools. No doubt I am missing something about how to get started.

Thanks for pointing the way


There is a webFTP option on the “manage domains” page of the panel. It got updated not long ago and I’ve not tried it since, but the older version wasn’t very robust.

With dreamhost you probably want to get a local FTP client. There is a list here:
(if you’re a windows user, likely FileZilla or WinSCP are the best choices.)

When you set it up however configure it for SFTP, not ftp. In fact, it’s wise to just turn ftp access off for the user in the dreamhost panel. Users > Manage Users > (edit an existing user) > check “disallow ftp”. Why? FTP is not secure, and it doesn’t handle your password securely either, FTP send a plain text password to the server.

Well, a few more dilemmas if you have the patience to help.

How do I turn off ftp and turn sftp on? The web panel is not clear. Nothing there to confirm sftp is turned on or off. I see a place to kill ftp. If I kill ftp does that enable sftp?

In filezilla’s SiteManager I entered:
Logon Type: Normal
Account (left blank)
Protocol: SFTP-SSSH File Tranfer Protocol
Port: 22
all other settings left as defaults.

When I try to connect with FileZilla I get…
Response: fzSftp started
Command: open "" 22
Command: Pass: ********
Status: Connected to
Error: Fatal: unable to initialise SFTP on server: could not connect
Error: Could not connect to server

I noticed that FileZilla’s SiteManager doesn’t save port 22 setting after the error messages above appear.

As for PyDio, I am also confused. It is asking to login with ftp username and pw or DreamHost panel username and password? If I select sftp in PyDio, what port is needed?

Really appreciate your advice.