How to make web directories non-browsable?


Hi there …

Was just poking around at the web hosting portion of dreamhost and can’t figure out how to set my domain to be non-browsable on the directories. Sure, I could put an index.html file in every directory, but that gets to be annoying. How do I change that?


Create a text file with a filename of .htaccess containing the following text:Options -IndexesSave it in your web root directory (where your home page goes) and it will turn off directory browsing.

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Ah, never knew you could put Options directives in the .htaccess. I had my old httpd.conf w/ -Indexes, but obviously didn’t have access to that here.


Hmm…This doesn’t work for me, I’ve put the Options -Indexes in .htacess in the root of the domain. But it doesn’t block indexing of any folder at all…

Any Idea’s?

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Try spelling it “.htaccess”. :wink:



well yes, I just spelled it wrong in here typing it. I use .htaccess for other things (mod rewrites, and increase upload)

Bleh and well went back checked them now. And it works fine. (didn’t change anything cause I left it in) Guess was seomthing wrong with server or soemthing then when I orginally did it.

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Hey sometimes it does seem like voodoo, eh? I’m glad you have it working! :slight_smile: