How to make my idea work

OK… I am way new to this website building thing.
I run Mac and Ubuntu.
All that being said, this is the idea that I want to accomplish.

I would like a splash page with store, blog, contact and about buttons.
I love the zen store that dreamhost offers and I love the word press Idea but how do I get it all to work?

thanks for the advice,


I typically make the store a subdomain of an existing site, like Integrating Zencart into a WordPress site would be quite the challenge. So I’d try this:

  1. Create a Fully Hosted domain ( and a Fully Hosted Subdomain (
  2. One-Click Advanced install WordPress into and One-Click Advanced install Zencart into
  3. Work on themes to get them somewhat coherent, or at least a common site logo.
  4. Add links on both sites to point to each other. Depending on the WordPress theme, you might be able to add the link in the menu bar. I haven’t used Zencart enough to know what mods you can do to its theme in the way of links, but you can always cram one in somewhere in Zencart.

Thank you for the help… This is a great start!

For my Step 1, my sub would actually be (for Zencart).