How to make Hover custom MX record work?

A client moved their hosting to DH, but wanted to keep their email at I changed the nameservers at Hover (easy) and got instructions from Hover for changing the MX record at DH.

They said:

Please add is using the following format:
Host = @ (this is a bare or “naked” record)
Record = MX
Details = 10
So essentially it should look like this:
@ MX 10
Once you add our MX record over there, and the changes fully propagate, everything should be working as normal.

However, putting @ MX 10 in the custom mx record “spot” returned an error. So I tried just 10 and waited.

The new webapge started working about 12 hours ago. The email is still broken.

I opened support tickets at both Hover and DH, but don’t have a solution yet.

Any ideas? I suspect I am missing something simple, but I’m not enough of techie to know what that is.

Hey there!

I see you submitted a few different tickets; I have one of our email gurus looking over the info you provided. :slight_smile: You’ll get a proper reply soon!
Just emailed you! To reiterate our tech’s answer here:

[quote]MX records entered in your DreamHost panel’s Mail -> Custom MX page don’t need you to specify the hostname. Whatever domain or subdomain you click on to add the MX record to is the hostname. The MX record’s priority is entered as a number before the record’s value, like this example:

The MX record you made was missing the priority, so it was automatically
given the priority 0. Use the Mail -> Custom MX page to edit the record
and add the priority: