How to make a database for a 3rd party program?

Hi everyone

I didn’t want to spam with lots of posts so I made a big one instead. Forgive for this and my noob skills.

One of my friends gave me some of his account (sub-domain?) and we used the “Goodies -> One-Click Installs -> Easy Mode” to install wordpress and phpbb forum. Problem with those are that we can’t go in and insert stuff into them since they aren’t on the domain I got access to. There’s nothing XD

How can I get those deleted so I can use the same hostnames again…or just get them gone?

I tried to make a database by going into “Goodies -> Manage MySQL” But I can’t I can only Add New Hostnames but can’t add New Databases. The Button isn’t there and the things I can see are “No MySQL Databases” message under the Hostnames.

How do I make a database in here?

What “User Name” and “Password” should I type to get into “phpMyAdmin” in the hostnames? I’ve tried the ftp data, logging into the dreamhost panel data, the blog data, the forum data, nothing works.

I’ve noticed that under “Goodies -> One-Click Installs -> Advanced Mode” I can make a database but only if for the specific programs DreamHost offers and not a seperate one which I can use for a 3rd party software like smf-forum.

How do I get a database for a smf-forum or a Bloggerblog…or a website…?

Sorry for asking questions that may have been answered already but I haven’t found them, not here and not in the wiki…cuz they talk about something thats not existing, like “Click on the new database to make a new database”…there is no such button…

Hope someone can help me with this. Can’t ask my friends since we are both busy and doesn’t meet eachother that much these days and I really want this to get up and running^^

Easy Mode sets up a database for you, but it might not appear in your database list. I don’t have any easy mode installs, so I can’t check this.

Your friend will have to delete those installs to free up those subdomains.

** Your friend will also have to create those databases for you.

Username and Password for phpMyAdmin is the database user created for the database. It’s separate from FTP users. That name is listed in the panel for Manage MySQL. Clicking on it will show you the password.

If it’s not your hosting plan, your friend has to do most of the work. Or give you some admin privileges.


Thanks a lot, Scott.

I was suspecting that it was up to my friend to do it and now you confirmed it. I’ll try to get hold of him from uni or get someone to get his mail.
Again thanks a lot for answering and this fast :slight_smile: