How to make $97 off promo code?

How do I make a $97 off promo code so my friends can use to signup?

I tried making one in the DH control panel, but if I don’t select any bonuses… it will tell me to select some (which I assume will reduce the $97 discount amount)

Try again, and make sure you actually enter the “97” (or “51” for monthly) in the “discount” boxes at the end of the table. :wink:


Ah ha! I see… so you have to enter the discount amount there… got it now, thanks!

Yep. The “max” of $97, minus any “extras”, minus the “discount” amount in the last table = “what you receive” (so if you give no “extras”, and a $97 “discount” , that leaves “0” for you to be paid for the referral. :wink: .

I’ll admit, it is a little confusing and I’m glad you figured it out! :slight_smile:


And do make sure to enter the max discount for all the plan options. You wouldn’t want people to get confused by their discount appearing for some plans and not for others.

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