How to limit users disk usage

I’ve been crawling around the panel and user management page but I couldn’t find where I can limit the disk space usage for a user.
Can you please help me with that?

You can’t. Best you can do is monitor it (manually, or via script) and alert them when they approach your limit.

You used to be able to, but since the switch to “unlimited” hosting, they did away with it. Presumably because DH thought it was unnecessary. But since they already had the mechanism in place, it makes me wonder why they got rid of that feature.

I’m not sure why they removed it either; so I wrote a little script that helps you monitor disk usage. It is open source software, that uses Python and GNU tools to do the work. I’ve been looking for people to test it. If you have the time, please try it out.

While it does not set hard limits, it will notify you via email if a user is above their quota for an extended period of time (it will notify the user right away). This gives the user flexibility and time to get their disk usage back under control. The goal is to allow users to continue working through fluctuating usage, and only involve administrators only when necessary.

I did include fairly thorough documentation, which should show you how to get started. If you run into any problems or notice any mistakes in the instructions, please let me know :slight_smile: