How to Leave GMail

Has anyone done this?

We are currently using DH w/ the GMail option, but we want to move back to DH for our Email. Is it possible to migrate all of our messages on GMail into the DH mail server? Everyone uses IMAP and I want to be sure they can still access old emails after the switch over.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, most migration options available are to help migrate accounts TO Gmail rather than from it. Migrating email accounts can be a bit messy in any case, but I’ve found a few links that should help.

First, to export your contacts:

You may be able to use Google’s Mail Fetcher here to easily share messages and data between multiple email accounts:

There’s a good selection of third-party apps specifically to help with account migration, and you should be able to find something here to accomplish the task:

Alternatively, if they use mail clients already to send/receive mail, all old messages can be archived/downloaded via the mail client. Please see:

Cedric H


I have a few more basic questions,

  1. can you configure email address, groups and forwarding on DH while panel is configured for google apps? Panel wants me to undo google to configure DH, wouldn’t that would cause all incoming mail to switch to Dreamhost and wouldn’t incoming mail be screwed up while I configure it?

  2. Has anyone on the DH staff tried to convert a google apps customer back to dream host?