How to keep my domain but not my Dreamhost acct?

I’m in a bit of a pickle. Both my account and the domain name I chose when I signed up for the account are due to expire May 2. I won’t have enough money on my debit card to pay for the account until the 3rd.

I do have enough money on the card now to pay for the domain name renewal.

If I want to keep the domain name and move it somewhere else, how do I pay for the domain now and what do I have to do to move it elsewhere?

I want to stress that I’ve had no problems with Dreamhost and think you guys are pretty darn cool, but finances dictate that I can’t keep the account. I don’t want to lose the domain name though.

I think you should contact support and just tell them what you posted here. They have been known to cut a little slack now and then, and you only need a day or so :wink: .

Of course, they might not give you the extra time, but they can answer your question either way.

It never hurts to ask!


Another option would be to see if they will let you pay for just one month until you get more funds.