How to Install WordPress ...?

I need help with installing WordPress. I’ve read the Instructions, but it’s very confusing to me … I tried uploading the WordPress files, but cannot upload the folders. I had to upload the files inside the folder separately, but then those files were no longer in the appropriate folders …

I tried creating new Directories within the main WordPress directory, but then realized that process would take forever, and would be very confusing.

What is this so-called Five-Minute Easy Installation Process … ???

Wow, you’re definitely trying to do things the hard way here. You can install WordPress from the DreamHost Panel here:

It’ll upload all the files for you, create the database, write the configuration file, and send you an email with details.

I’ve already uploaded all the WordPress files to my DreamHost website.

Should I delete them all and start over again … ???

yes. the one click will not install if the directory is not empty. and be sure to pick custom install.

FWIW, the advice about custom installs is no longer necessary — the “simple install” option is no longer displayed, except for the two applications which we don’t yet have custom installs available for.

How do I find the One-Click Install … ???

I’m glad. Simple installs were pretty useless.

srsly? when you log in to your control panel one-click installs are one of the the toolbox options. or go under goodies in the main menu. both take you to the same place.

In order to install WordPress I need to change from PHP4 to PHP5. Is Nuv compatible with PHP5? If I change to PHP5 I cannot change back to PHP4, so I need to know if Nvu will still work with PHP5 …

I must have had the wrong link. I did find One-Click Install, but I need to change to PHP5 to install. I concerned that if I change to PHP5, Nvu will no longer work. Need to find out if Nvu is compatible with PHP5 …

It looks like I need another Domain in order to install WordPress. The message says that my Domain need to be empty! I cannot delete all the files I already have …

I don’t know what Nvu is so I can’t help you there. Wherever you got it from go back to their website and see the current requirements. Maybe they have an updated version. Let’s back up a minute though. In your main directory I am assuming you have your existing website? Is that something you are wanting to keep but also install wordpress? Or did you just start doing stuff and messed something and want to start fresh all over again? Do you actually want wordpress (and all associated files) in your main directory or would you prefer to have it in a sub-directory and have your main site powered by something else? Also why can’t you delete the files? Do you mean you want to keep the files in your main directory or were you trying to delete them and couldn’t?

I finally did get WordPress installed! I had to create another folder in my directory to install WordPress.