How To Install (not .org) blog on Dreamhost

Hi folks,

I don’t know if there’s anybody out there on here now that can help me, but I’ve scrolled Youtube tutorials and searches for the answer. I have a blog that I want to install onto Dreamhost (to host on a specific domain, which I have ‘fully hosted’ on Dreamhost) and I am scared to hit ‘one-hit install’ because I noticed that it is for…so is .com and .org blogs the same thing? Is there anything on the end of my Wordpress blog I need to do before I hit one-click install?

I am pretty much switching out an entire website for this new blog, so I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing before installing…so PLEASE if anybody sees this right now, and can help me, I THANK YOU sooooo much…I need to get this done before tomm!! Eeek!
Somebody please? Is and the same thing???

Please can anybody help? I am finding nothing and I’ve been searching for three hours. I just need to know if when I hit ‘one-click install’ for Wordpress, it will point to my blog?

I see why you’re confused.

So you don’t install anywhere. it’s what you call a ‘managed’ host. They have all the files.

You’d want to follow these directions:

To put it in simple terms:

[*] WordPress is the name of the software. Not “” or “” — those are both web sites.

[*] is the web site that you can download WordPress from, along with WordPress themes and plugins. It’s also where the WordPress developers hang out.

[*] is a company that hosts some WordPress blogs. They have a free starting option, but various upgrades that you’re likely to want (e.g, removing ads, using your own domain name, customizing the theme) cost money.


While it’s possible to point your DreamHost domain to your existing blog at, you will need to pay them for that upgrade. Since you already have a hosting plan with DreamHost, you’d be best off moving your blog over here like Ipstenu described.

Thank you both so much! It makes more sense! Thanks again!