How to install wkhtmltopdf


To whom I can go to install the tool wkhtmltopdf in the hosting that has assigned me Dreamhost

Or failing, how can I install the binary and run it

I just tried installing wkhtmltopdf to shared hosting and it seems possible to run it. All you need is a bit of knowledge of Linux commands. Here is what I did:

Connect to your DreamHost account first, via ssh. Then from the server download the software and unpack it:

[dreamhost server] $ wget
[dreamhost server] $ xz -d wkhtmltox-0.12.4_linux-generic-amd64.tar.xz 
[dreamhost server] $ tar xvf wkhtmltox-0.12.4_linux-generic-amd64.tar

You’ll have a new directory wkhtmltox with a /bin subdirectory in it. Change into that directory and run ./wkhtmltopdf.

Thanks Smaffulli.

it served me perfectly. It seems that I was downloading the wrong binary.
you’re great.
good day