How to install Sphinx on Dreamhost VPS?


I am trying to install Sphinx Search for a site on my VPS. Sphinx version 2.1.9-release:

There are some basic instructions here:

Where do I install this? When I log into shell under a username, I start off in directory: /home/[username] . Do I install it right there? Or do I move up …/…/ to the root “/” directory and install it?

That sphinx guide says something about installing it to: /usr/local/sphinx ?

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I’m trying to follow these instructions, but they are from 2009 (5 years ago):

I’m still having problems trying to figure out how to get this installed on my VPS. Hopefully someone can make an updated instruction or add it to the dreamhost wiki?

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One of my websites is under a directory: /home/[username]

if I use the command: cd …/ , I will move up and there are about 20 of my usernames listed in the /home directory…

So should I be installing the Sphinx folder under one of my usernames, or should I go up one more level (cd …/) to the Root directory and install it there? Do I need to install a separate Sphinx for each website or is this a server-wide install? I plan on using Sphinx for a few different websites (which are under different usernames).

Nevermind, I think I figured it out - really awesome program!